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Hey folks,

sadly, more than a year has gone by since NBC cancelled SMASH, a hugely underrated show with a huge fandom. I’m probably not the only one who misses it soooo much.

In the next few days I wanna start a Smash rewatch that everyone can join. This rewatch does not only consist of watching all 32 episodes of NBC’s SMASH but also of reliving the whole experience—daily challenges, videos, reviews, songs, and much more included.

I hope to make this multi-platform across tumblr, twitter, youtube etc, including its own homepage. Everyone can join!!!!

So, Smash fans, are you ready to go behind-the-scenes again? Wanna relive everything Karen, Ivy and all the other characters went through? Have you always enjoyed Bombshell's music and do you want to see Hit List come to life again and again? Or are you a completely new viewer and want to watch SMASH with all its other fans? Then hit reblog or like and let me know whether this project is something many Smash fans want to do!

If we reach 20 notes, I will post a list of challenges and further information for the rewatch.

Also, for everyone who loves this smash-cover blog, I have excellent news. If we indeed do this rewatch, I will post many never-before-seen covers and create new ones for all of your iTunes librarys etc.!!!

Let’s do this!

Let’s revive NBC’S SMASH!!!!

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Anonymous asked: Hello, just wondering if you would be releasing any new covers soon? Thanks

Right now, I am concentrating on my glee cover blog and since Smash ended, it really doesn’t make any sense to release new covers. However, I will do some missing ones before the end of the year.

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antman101 asked: Would you mind making a "Right Regrets" cover with the 'Bombshell' theme, please? Also, would it be possible to get some 'Hit List' themed covers? Potentially they could come from behind her sunglasses, just cut off a few pics. Similarly, could you maybe do the same with the 'Bombshell' theme (i.e. have the images come from behind 'Marilyn')? Hope to hear back. Please and thank you!

Well, I am right now doing Hit List themed screencap covers, but they are made with a different template, so no sunglasses… But I could maybe do Bombshell screencaps with your request of appearing behind Marilyn…